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The Rev. Greg Hoover

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The Rev. Greg Hoover became our priest and pastor in 2014. He is happily married, and he and his wife have four wonderful children. Before becoming a priest, Father Greg worked professionally as a writer, actor, corporate trainer, supervisor, and as a mental health professional, specializing in evaluations and assessments. Father Greg brings his diverse talents together in his work as a priest.

Vestry Members

Term ending 2022
Barry Martindale (Junior Warden)
Leisa Phillips
Georgia McGill

Term ending 2023
Ron Reese (Senior Warden)

Term ending 2024
Dwain Lair

Other Positions

Clerk of the Vestry: Leisa Phillips
Administrative Assistant: Shikha Dahiya
Treasurer: David Evans


Myrna Brittain, Terrie Martindale, Organist
Dan Brittian, Terrie Martindale, Choir Leader


Leisa Phillips, Terrie Martindale

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